Our Studio

Our building is a product of vision.

Applied Art operates at the intersection of strategy, creative and technology - much like the design of our building. Our location and building continue to be integral elements of our identity, designed to stimulate creative thinking for our clients and our team.

Behind the Design:

We wanted to promote kinetic, vibrant, creative energy, while integrating into our natural setting. Now, banks of windows allow natural light to permeate throughout the building. The three edit suites feature sliding glass doors and interior windows for easy access to this natural light.

We didn’t want you to feel like you’re in a rectangular room or a typical office building. Each part of the building features rich materials, colors, and angles, giving the feeling that parts of the building are colliding into each other in a juxtaposition of steel, concrete and cedar siding. The striking angles and spine of our center atrium contrasts with the native wildflowers surrounding our building. With technology, we knew the only constant would be change, so we designed for adaptation. We left out ceilings in the machines and graphics spaces to run wires and cables as we adopted new technologies.

Open, airy, inviting, kinetic, creative. When you walk in, you want to feel that.”
Mark Wilke, Partner