Country Travel Discoveries, Milwaukee - Improving the User Experience

Providing user satisfaction through user experience design (UX) is hugely important in the world of e-commerce. When we looked at redesigning the website for Country Travel Discoveries, one of our primary goals was to create a friendlier and more accessible UX for the Milwaukee-based travel company.

Country Travel Discoveries Website Design

When Country Travel Discoveries approached us to revitalize their online image, one of their chief concerns was making it easier for customers to find their ideal destination. For us, this meant completely revamping their user interface to create a much more engaging and, ultimately, simpler UX. 

To achieve this, we went to work restructuring their site, while also adding efficient search features that organized locations, seasons, prices and dates. As a result, customers could now more easily choose vacation options and get results fast.

We also added destination photography to each location to more fully immerse users in each travel experience. All told, our work improved the UX through easier navigation tools, a cleaner interface and an aesthetically pleasing visual design.

By communicating with Country Travel Discoveries and finding out what their customers wanted and needed, we were able to create a wholly engaging website designed to work for them and their customers.

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