Fundraising video for PHC highlights their clinics in Marshalltown

Sharing the story of PHC through many voices


Applied Art worked with Primary Health Care to create a video for their annual Primary Leaders in Health event. The video highlight the services they provide to the Marshalltown community. Through the health care and dental clinics, PHC provides care to the underserved-- people with little or no health care insurance or other barriers to care. By helping people that normally would not seek out or receive quality health care, they strengthen the whole community.


Applied Art shot the interviews in the ReStore Church in the historic Hotel Tallcorn building in downtown Marshalltown. By having all of the interviews shot in one location, we had time to interview more people rather than spending time moving and setting up in different locations. A second crew shot b-roll of the community and clinics while the interviews were conducted. By interviewing so many people we were able to show how PHC helps the community from many different perspectives.


The video was concepted and shot by Creative Director Eric Sahrmann, Edited by Michael Rossow, and Produced by Heather Creswell.


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