Grundstrom Landscape, Chicago - Visual Storytelling Meets Web Design

When a business’s products and services are primarily visual, it is imperative to communicate one’s value through imagery. In the case of Grundstrom Landscape, we helped the Chicagoland-based landscape contractor better engage their customers through a web design that emphasized visual storytelling. As a matter of fact, our work resulted in a noticeable increase in site traffic and form submissions for our client.

As professional storytellers, we like to apply our storytelling expertise to every aspect of web development. For Grundstrom Landscape, we knew it was important to communicate our client’s value through visual storytelling, given their primarily visual products and services. This meant incorporating plenty of imagery in their website and building our design around these visuals.

We also made it a priority to organize their website efficiently so that any visitor can immediately find the information they’re looking for. This aspect of the redesign saw resounding success, as Grundstrom reported a noticeable increase in the number of form submissions from their website.

In addition, we helped Grundstrom introduce their residential landscaping services to their new base of interested customers. Best of all, we created a website that is flexible and easy for Grundstrom to edit and update as their business grows and changes, ensuring an optimal admin and user experience.



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