Sharing Stories Helps Raise Money for The Project of the Quad Cities

Applied Art partnered with TOQC to create two videos that debuted at the Red Ribbon Gala fundraiser on April 13th


Applied Art recently partnered with The Project of the Quad Cities to produce two videos for their annual Red Ribbon Gala fundraiser. The Project of the Quad Cities in Moline, Illinois helps people with barriers to care receive high-quality health care and support.


The first video tells the story of a woman who learned shortly before her 50th birthday that she was HIV positive. The second video shares how The Project helped a young man dealing with opioid addiction treat his Hepatitis C. Today both clients are on the path to better health and improved lives because of the care and compassion of The Project.


The production process started with learning what stories needed to be told. Producer Heather Creswell interviewed actual TPQC clients one on one to learn about their lives how the Project helped them. These audio recordings serve as the narration of the videos. Actors were shot on location in the Quad Cities by Creative Director Eric Sahrmann to illustrate the client’s stories. Editor Michael Rossow brought together the audio and visual elements along with a custom music track to create the finished videos.


The Project surpassed their fundraising goal at the Red Ribbon Gala where the videos debuted. The videos helped in this effort by sharing the stories of real clients to show how The Project doesn’t just provide medical services, but treats the whole patient. Check out the videos to learn more!

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