SHAZAM - Wondering how to get people to use your app? Try Video.

How do you convince bank customers who already have apps from their respective banks to use an additional app for monitoring transactions? In other words, how can you best communicate the unique value your app provides that others can’t? This was the problem faced by SHAZAM, a Des Moines-based financial services company looking to break through the noise to properly promote their newly redesigned BOLT$ app. As it turned out, it was thanks to the power of video that SHAZAM was finally able to take their app promotion to the next level.

Let’s face it: the marketplace is oversaturated with mobile apps, and it can be difficult to make yours truly stand out. This is especially true for the finance industry and, in particular, banking apps — as was the case for SHAZAM. 

SHAZAM faced the unique challenge of convincing bank members with existing apps from their respective banks to use their own BOLT$ app to monitor transactions and identify potential fraud in ways that other banking apps simply can’t do.

In short, SHAZAM needed to differentiate their app. Knowing this, they turned to our creative team to produce a series of three highly original and memorable video spots designed to promote the app and set it apart from others like it.

Throughout the project, we knew that client collaboration would play a critical role in our ability to create videos that not only satisfied our creative itch but also met our clients’ objectives. So, naturally, our first step was to ask questions — lots of them. 

While meeting with the team at SHAZAM, we explored who our target audience would be, as well as the overarching messaging we wanted to communicate. Soon afterward, we began to formulate our strategy based on our client’s vision, objectives and budget, working closely with them every step of the way.

For each video, we chose to focus in on specific benefits provided by the app — such as the ability to set spending limits, freeze one’s account and receive fraud alerts — while also telling instantly engaging stories not commonly seen in financial services/banking promotion.

Not only were our spots well received upon delivery, but we also exceeded client expectations when we delivered an additional spot for a total of four videos and still stayed within budget. We were able to accomplish this by eliminating unnecessary expenditures and by reverse engineering the creative process to ensure we would match the client’s budget without sacrificing a single ounce of the quality we wanted to deliver. 


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