The Iowa Sports Foundation Goes for the Gold - Planning for the 2021 State Games of America

The Iowa Sports Foundation came to us with a challenge. Create one video that does the job of many.

The State Games of America is a biennial amateur multi-sport event held in North America. This event brings amateur athletes from across the US to compete against each other in over 40 different sports and in 2021, the Iowa Sports Foundation will be hosting the Games in Central Iowa.


To kick-off the promotion of the 2021 Games, the Iowa Sports Foundation came to Applied Art with a challenge: create a single video that can be used in a number of different ways.


First, the video would premiere at the 2019 Games to reveal the location of the 2021 Games. In addition, the video would be used to promote and build excitement for the games over the next couple of years and to recruit and get qualifiers hyped up to compete.


To do all of this we decided to focus on the athletes and the venues in which they would compete.

The video ties in with the State Games theme “Go for the Gold” by showing the grit and hard work of preparing for competition. These athletes are not professionals. They train hard but do so while dealing with real day-to-day, school, family, etc. We chose five sports to focus on and shot scenes off-speed and at sunrise to create a sense of drama. As a recruitment tool, we also focused in on the competition venues. The opportunity to compete in first-class sports facilities is a big draw for many athletes.


In addition to premiering at the 2019 State Games of American in Lynchburg, Virginia, the video will be shown at other state's State Games competitions. Applied Art also created custom clips for various social media platforms.


Cory Kennedy, Director of Marketing for the Iowa Sports Foundation says the feedback he has received is that the video is amazing and is hitting the mark for building excitement for the State Games of America.



The Iowa Sports Foundation is a non-profit sports organization that provides over 50 outdoor sports, recreation, health and wellness opportunities for Iowans of all abilities.








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