With a name like Applied Art & Technology...

It's expected that we have outstanding creative strengths and technical prowess few possess. We do. But our combination of skills - our mixture of expertise - is what really gives us the power to influence. It's what separates us from other studios.

At Applied Art, we're idea people. Along with being masters of execution, we're also masters of concepting. So no matter what stage your project might be in, it's likely we can add a little (or a lot) to make it that much more effective.

Business Solutions

So what do we mean – business solutions? In our world, almost everything is a business solution – if it trains your employees, sells your products, polishes your image, bolsters morale, or improves your processes – it's a business solution. If you're not solving business issues, then why do it? Maybe for entertainment? Great. We do movies, live shows and interactive games too!

For business solutions to be effective, they can't be typical. They must incorporate elements that make them unique, engaging, humorous, memorable and convincing...and talk straight to your audience.

Finally, they need to be delivered on the type of media that's appropriate – whether it be touch screen kiosk, video, DVD, web, or any combination. And we do that.

Internet Solutions

Your website is often the first connection a person makes with your company – and it leaves them with their first impression. Will visitors find the information they need? Will they take action? If you're not sure, stop what you're doing and call us now.

Our award-winning content architects, graphic designers and web developers understand how people use the web – and the wide range of solutions it offers your company. Whether your content needs an overhaul, a product needs to be demonstrated through a cool animation, or you're looking for a fun addition to your site that will bring viewers back again and again, we can do that.

We take a comprehensive approach to the creation of a website because it’s not something to be published and forgotten. It’s a fluid and powerful marketing tool with unlimited potential and we are excited at the prospect of taking you through our strategic, innovative, creative and most importantly – effective – website creation process.

During the web design and development process, we will work closely with you through the following steps:

  • Planning and Project Management
  • Benchmark and Usability Testing
  • Targeted Buzz Strategy and Execution
  • Organizing Site Architecture
  • Graphic Design Site Development and Programming
  • Content Management System and Training
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Launch Strategy (including Social Media channels) and Execution
  • Web Traffic Analysis and Recommendations

Sales & Marketing Tools

Sales & marketing is about results – and that's exactly what you'll get when you trust Applied Art & Technology with your image and message.

Consumer videos, informational DVDs, animated demonstrations, interactive kiosks – the things that attract prospects and make them customers. Whether your message and delivery is long or short, simple or elaborate – we'll make sure it suits your product or service, and your target audience.

We've developed sales & marketing tools for washers and dryers, universities, 401(k) plans, tractors and even lawyers. Some on video, some on CD, others on DVD – and even Flash animations for delivery on the web. Each a unique approach to selling, each possessing the power to influence.

Trade Shows, Meetings & Exhibits

A blend of all types of business solutions, events offer opportunities – and challenges – all their own. Product animations, web site access, live presentations, interactive computer applications and touch screen kiosks – and those oh-so-cool high tech give aways. Whatever the combination of elements may be, they must make an impression. And they can only do so if they have the power to influence.

When we say we do trade shows, meetings & exhibits, we mean it. We can help with everything from the design of your booth or stage to the presentation you'll be showing. We'll not only develop the content of your meeting, we'll also make sure it comes off without a hitch.

Employee Communications & Training 

Wow, a captive audience. An opportunity to create a highly-targeted piece that every member of your audience is certain to see. That still doesn't mean you'll make a connection. Unless, of course, your message has the power to influence.

No longer just newsletters and classroom sessions, Employee Communications & Training have taken the form of interactive web sites, DVDs, intranets, multimedia presentations, online tutorials with feedback, and streaming video. With this wide variety of formats, media, and content, where do you start?

At Applied Art we've done this many times before.

We will help you communicate, coordinate, and motivate!