February 15 2011 // Work

Applied Art Coordinates International Shoots

"The Ukrainian government has some rules that make it difficult to get footage out of the country, but I found a way around that."

Producer Heather Creswell is talking about a series of international marketing videos she just wrapped up for one of Applied Art's best clients. Heather coordinated crews to shoot footage in China, Ethiopia, France, India, New Zealand and Ukraine to gather information on how the client's customers can be better served.

Some of the more stressful moments of this production were in getting a crew from Kenya to the locations in Ethiopia with the proper permits, and the suspicious requests of a certain Ukrainian rental house. Most of the interviews were conducted in both English and the native language but in two cases English subtitles were used. When the French footage unexpectedly showed up without the English translations, a translation was procured within 48 hours.

Most of the HD footage arrived on hard drives, and was then uploaded to an ftp site for review by the client. Editors Michael Rossow and Chris Heckle teamed up to edit the videos in order to meet the deadline. The final videos were also uploaded to the ftp site so that the client could access the files for meetings anywhere in the world.

The experience reminded those involved that the world is pretty small and that crews everywhere share the drive to do whatever it takes to get the shot. Next time Heather hopes to produce the videos on site.

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Mark Wilke


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