January 26 2010 // Work

Christmas eCard from Luther College

Welcome to the first Applied Art blog post of the New Year! We hope 2010 is going well and you are gathering close to the warmth of your TV screen and catching up on movies in time for the Oscars.

Doesn't Christmas already seem like it was a million years ago? Well this Christmas eCard will bring all those warm and fuzzy holiday feelings right back to the forefront - especially if you are affiliated with Luther College. This the third in a series of eCard's produced by Applied Art & Technology that Luther College has sent to their students, employees, alumni, parents, and friends. It features music from the college's 2008 Christmas concert and was very well received. Many alumni took the time to comment about how much they enjoyed the images of the campus and the award-winning choral music. We hope you enjoy this eCard and keep Applied Art in mind next time your need to reach out to your target audience.

Written By

Tony WIlson


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