June 16 2010 // Education

Iowa Hospital Association Social Media Conference

After attending a great conference this past week - I felt the need to blog about my top ten takeaways.

  1. There's a lot of value in building relationships but keep in mind - it's hard to measure

  2. While social media tools may be free - resourcing them is not

  3. Public posts on Facebook are now opened to be searched

  4. Social Media University Global (SMUG) site - definitely worth checking out

  5. Even if you don't get started right away - claim your space before someone else does

  6. While it may take some time up front - have your policies in place first

  7. Social media is a commitment - not a campaign

  8. If you are not ready to get started - you should still be listening

  9. It's ok to monitor your comments before publishing, or to not allow commenting right away

  10. It all starts with tremendous customer service

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Caitlin McTaggart

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