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LED Display Comparison

I just returned from another tradeshow in Las Vegas, Exhibitor2009, where we had an opportunity to partner with AV Dimensions to display our content on two LED displays side-by-side. We provided content to show in their exhibit on both a Barco 4mm Black LED display (NX-4) and the more common 8mm (ILite 8 MD) display. The LED displays are becoming more and more prevalent – at sporting events, corporate functions, concerts, and of course trade shows.

Their advantages are that they are extremely bright and can be viewed in direct sunlight, are very thin, and can be configured in nearly any size. This was my first opportunity to work with the NX-4 and my impression was “WOW – That looks stunning.” The contrast was much greater, the black levels were incredible, the brightness was higher, not to mention the much higher resolution. Both displays drew a lot of attention, but the NX-4 was the overwhelming favorite. We provided a custom edited video for both displays to show off the advantages of each system. For the ILite 8 we customized an animation loop and for the NX-4 we edited both live action and animation in HD.

If you have questions about LED displays, other display technologies or how to grab the audiences' attention at your next tradeshow or event contact me at info@appliedart.com.

Geek Speak: The 4mm or 8mm designation of LED displays refers to the “pixel pitch” or physical distance between the LEDs. The smaller the number the better. Pixel pitch affects viewability when viewing the displays up close because the eye does not blend the pixels together and spaces between them can be discerned.

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