March 11 2012 // Work

New AVDimensions Animation in 4K Resolution!

Animation in 4K resolution, in pixels that's 3840 x 2160, or put 4 high resolution HDTVs together and there ya go. The project was to create an animated logo for AVD Dimensions and give it a puzzle theme to match their presentation needs. The animation presents AVD as the puzzle wrangler bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle to create the ultimate end product.

The challenge was that this animation would be displayed at AVDimensions trade show booth in full 4K resolution. That's a lot of data - each frame is four times the size of a normal HD animation. But when your a company that specializes in audio-visual like AVDimensions - anything less than full resolution would not be sufficient.

Its a thirty second animation created in Lightwave 3D and After Effects. There are 600 plus puzzle pieces and hundreds of LEDs and various other pieces all animated individually.

Storyboard created for client to show our animation story and hints to the style of the finished piece.

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Todd Huffine

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