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Sauer-Danfoss Corporate Videos

Customizing a video into 11 different languages takes careful planning. So does shooting overseas. We crafted a corporate image video for Two Rivers Marketing and their client, Sauer-Danfoss, for a global audience. Three versions were produced with full graphics and narration in German, Chinese and English. The creative development of the video was a successful collaborative effort between all three companies.

When we received the request to produce a global, corporate video for Sauer-Danfoss, we knew that the video production company we partnered with would be critical to the success of the project. Applied Art & Technology worked with us to produce an amazing video that not only met our expectations as an agency, but also impressed our client. The international location shoots added another level of difficulty to the project. Because budget didn't allow for us to travel to the international shoots, we really had to place our trust in the Applied Art & Technology team and they didn't disappoint. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. We really appreciated their partnership on this project". Rachel Adams, Account Services Executive at Two Rivers Marketing.

Production took place in Germany, Denmark, China and the US. Applied Art's Producer/Director Neil Zaugg and Director of Photography George Christ traveled to the locations and worked with local crews. Shooting with a large crew in Shanghai during the time of their New Year's celebrations posed challenges of its own. The country essentially shuts down to celebrate for a week. "Both the Chinese and the European crews were extremely professional and even though many of them did not speak English we were able to communicate and get the job done," said George.

AVID Editor Chris Heckle put it all together with Animation Artist Steven Dixon. Every nuance of the video-- from the creation of the script to the pacing and music choices-- was developed through teamwork. Once again, the sum is greater than the parts involved. This creative and effective video has been warmly received.

Rachel Martin, Manager, Market Communications at Sauer-Danfoss said of the project: "We knew that we wanted to partner with Two Rivers Marketing and Applied Art & Technology based on our past successes. We gave them the unique challenge of developing our first-ever corporate video, with a global and diverse trade audience, and all within tight budget parameters. They delivered."

We were very satisfied with how Neil, George, and the Applied Art & Technology crew approached our project not only from a creative and collaborative point of view, but production management as well. We got what we wanted a piece that showed exactly who we are as a global company, our culture, our products, the markets we serve, and how we work with our customers from international OEMs to regional distributors.

Beautiful video content aside, Applied Art & Technology really shined when it came to our international filming locations. Our location shoots in Denmark, Germany, Shanghai, and Tokyo were handled professionally and seamlessly. They really took care of all the details and made sure that everything would go as smoothly as possible.

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George Christ


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