Super Bowl Commercials

February 10, 2016

Everybody knows the Super Bowl isn’t about football. Or, it isn’t only about football. It’s about parties and friends and food and Beyoncé and commercials. In fact, in my mind the order of importance is:

  1. Friends
  2. Commercials
  3. Food (possibly higher on this list if it’s fried)
  4. That sports game being played on TV

So, what did we like?

Music-based spots scored high with Applied Artisans. Our sympathies went out to the affable rapper Drake in T-Mobile’s ad, in which he faced revisions from legal (we can relate). Making fun of Hotline Bling never gets old. Honda had our hearts at the first notes of “Somebody to Love,” because Queen songs should be used for everything. And mixing a little nostalgia with David Bowie is, well, perfect.

As for the losers?

I think we can all agree that Puppy Monkey Baby is a lot of fun to say. But kind of horrendous to look at.

One more spot 

Let’s talk about one more spot that aired during the Super Bowl. One that aired regionally in Iowa, that we not only liked watching, but also loved working on!

We teamed up with iWireless to create a spot to promote their Test Drive offer. And I think we can all agree, test driving a rocket looks pretty cool.

To make that happen, our production team painted the soundstage blue, and digital artist Todd Huffine began his research into rocketry. From there we worked closely with iWireless to achieve a look that was modern and fun.

“The team at Applied Art was great to work with! We had a tight timeline and a limited budget, and they found a solution that worked for us. We were very pleased with the combination of live action and animation to create a realistic look. We’ve had great response to our Test Drive offer, and airing the spot during the Super Bowl gained great exposure with employees and prospective customers.”

- Samara Thoreson, Senior Marketing Manager, iWireless