Touch Table Explains Pioneer Seed Technology

November 5, 2013

Today's seed technology provides ag producers with drought and insect protection far beyond that available to the last generation of farmers. But understanding the value, features and methodology of these technologies can be a challenge.

Multi-touch Technology

At recent farm shows multi-touch technology provided producers an opportunity to learn about two of these technologies - Pioneer AQUAmax™ and AcreMax™. When a visitor places a miniature seed bag onto a multi-touch table, a corn plant grows out of the bag. Touch options appear to take the visitor to testimonials, side-by-side trials, infographics, product searches and other information relating to Pioneer seed technology.

The Table

Concepted for Pioneer by Applied Art & Technology and developed in collaboration with The Lacek Group appeared at the 2013 Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days, with additional venues in the works for 2014.

Multiple visitors can interact with the table simultaneously, each selecting the content and having the ability to scale and rotate content items to share with others. At the Farm Progress Show, the table's contents were mirrored onto a nearby projection screen for additional attention-grabbing impact.

The interactive is presented on a 40" Samsung touch table with PixelSense™ technology. PixelSense allows the table to recognize both objects placed onto the screen as well as multiple user touches. Each seed bag "puck" has a printed pattern on the surface that contacts the table. The pattern determines which content appears on the table when the puck is placed.

The Applied Art interactive media team developed the interactive multi-touch experience. Rachel Norgaard and Jeanie Jorgensen coordinated content and design concepting between Pioneer, Lacek and our in-house designer, Alex Keller. Rick Vanderleest, our programming engineer, says of the experience,

Incorporating the tangible seed bag "pucks" into the user experience was an engineering challenge that resulted in a unique, attention-grabbing way to immediately engage visitors.

Applied Art has developed other multi-touch experiences for museums, stand-up presentations and trade shows.