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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Dewey Short Visitor Center

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened its new visitor center near Branson, Missouri, in April, 2012. The Dewey Short Visitor Center overlooking Table Rock Dam features many AV interactive exhibits offering insight into the Corps' history, contributions, role, and responsibilities, including the building and management of Table Rock Lake Dam.

The exhibits in this 15,000 square foot visitor center were designed and fabricated by Split Rock Studios. Applied Art worked closely with Split Rock in planning, developing/producing and integrating all AV interactive exhibits, whose functionality includes automatic scheduled startup and shutdown. They are monitored and controlled from a central AV rack. The AV interactive exhibits include the following:

Visitor Orientation Interactive Laser Map

Visitors tap menu selections to project the locations of Table Rock facilities on a 9' wide wall map. Using the interactive, visitors can locate specific recreational areas or find amenities boat rentals, camping, marinas, trails, beaches and more that meet their recreational needs. A laser projects the facilities' locations onto the Table Rock Lake map.

Another Year Another Flood

An old-time TV is stacked in a boat with other valuable household items as if to save them from flooding. This actual tube TV cabinet is retrofitted with an LCD monitor displaying Applied Art-produced videos. When a visitor approaches, a motion sensor changes the programming from a test pattern interspersed with TV snow, to a recreated old-time news broadcast, reporting on the devastating floods during the time.

An Engineering Marvel

From design to construction, Table Rock Dam was a truly remarkable accomplishment. To learn about the incredible construction of the dam and its impact on the area, the visitor presses a button on the drafting table below to select from three Applied Art-produced video segments. During idle time, the monitor displays images and factoids about the dam and construction process.

Dam Management Tabletop Interactive

The Corps manages flood risk in the Upper White River watershed through a series of four dams. The dams work as a system to adapt to changing conditions and seasons according to a Flood Control Plan.
This interactive lays out three scenarios that challenge the visitor to select the best option to prevent or lessen the impact of rainfall or drought. Each scenario offers several choices and shows the impact of each management decision on the area.

Faces of Hydro-power

The Southwestern Power Administration and the Corps work together to manage hydroelectric power generation from designated Corps-managed dams. This touchscreen interactive introduces visitors to the SWPA through a video, images and answers to FAQs.

Watershed Footprint/Quiz

A menu allows the visitor to choose between the two touchscreen activities:
Explore the White River Basin and its Subwatersheds -When selected, a map of the White River Basin and its watersheds appear. Visitors can touch a watershed to view the subwatersheds within it, then drill down further to view an enlarged version of that subwatershed and the rivers and creeks that flow into it.

What is Your Watershed Footprint Quiz - Visitors answer a series of questions about their daily habits from lawn care treatments to recycling activities to determine their impact on the watershed.

Ozark Ecosystem Ambient Audio

The Ozark Ecosystem Ambient Audio enhances the Lakeshore diorama mural with a mix of various sounds from nature, including wind through trees, a gurgling stream, chirping birds, and more.

History of the USACE Dual-monitor Video Presentation

Two side-by-side horizontal monitors present video segments chronicling the Corps' proud history and its current management of Table Rock Lake. Visitors use a touchscreen interface to select each video segment.
The horizontal setup provided Applied Art with an opportunity to produce a unique custom video that integrates still images and footage in a colorful montage that is artfully balanced with audio narration and music.

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