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Virtual Event Platform & Planning

At Applied Art & Technology, we go beyond software to make your virtual event a success. You don’t have to worry because we’ll walk you through every step of the virtual event planning process, bringing 30 years of live event and digital marketing experience to the table. In the end, our goal is to use the tools and expertise at our disposal to help you put on the best virtual event possible. 

Talk to one of our Virtual Event Planners and see how easy it can be to have a successful virtual event.

The most successful virtual events go beyond software.

If you want to have a successful virtual event, it’s best to think past the platform and choose a partner who can help you every step of the way. That’s what makes our team different. We’re not just tech people” (although we did develop Applied Art Live, our cutting-edge virtual event platform); we’re also event people,” with years of event planning and production experience.

Yes, we’ll design a unique interface for your event, but that’s only the beginning. We’ll also help you organize your show flow, run through integrated tech rehearsals, shoot video for remote presen­tations and provide live tech support and event monitoring.

You don’t want to be at the mercy of third-party applications on the day of your event, which is why we designed Applied Art Live to support all aspects of your virtual event. Everything goes through our team of virtual event technicians, who are on site to ensure your event runs perfectly from beginning to end.

More Time and Less Stress

Let our virtual event planning team coordinate every aspect of your event for you…so you can focus on what matters.

Higher Attendance Rates

Boost attendance rates and foster engagement with our user-friendly event interface and robust networking features.

More Ways to Drive Revenue

Offer virtual booth space to vendor partners and create admission price tiers for attendees, including recorded presentations.

What Makes Us Different?

We're Event Planners, Digital Nerds and Marketing Experts

At Applied Art & Technology, we’ve been helping companies produce high-quality events for over two decades, from corporate meetings to trade shows.

Our success as event planners goes hand in hand with our digital capabilities. As self-described digital nerds,” our in-house teams span multiple disciplines, including video production, web design and interactive applications, just to name a few.

We incorporate all these resources in our virtual event planning service, framing everything we do against proven marketing strategies designed to get you results.


Enjoy a user-friendly event interface designed just for you, with custom branding and layouts.


Enhance user engagement with interactive event experiences, including 2D and 3D booths.


Boost your virtual event’s visibility. We offer a full marketing suite to develop your promotional strategy.


To ensure your virtual event is stress free, we provide show flow reviews and integrated tech rehearsals.


Incorporate profes­sional-grade videos, with live or pre-recorded presen­tations from our sound stage.


Create a seamless event experience for your attendees, with live tech support and monitoring.

Create Networking Connections

We recognize that networking is one of the most important benefits of live events. Our customized technology makes it easy for attendees to connect, share common interests and develop business relationships.

Coordinate Breakout Sessions

Let our on-site team manage your event for you, transi­tioning from main presen­tations to breakout sessions with ease.

Raise Revenue with Vendor Partners

Generate revenue throughout the duration of your event with our featured Vendors section.

Interact with Virtual Booths

Seamlessly recreate live-event experiences with our interactive 2D and 3D booths.

Learn More About Virtual & Hybrid Event Strategy

Read three virtual event e-books for free.

Download and read three expertly curated e‑books from the Applied Art team — all for free! We break down the process and strategy behind Virtual and Hybrid events in:

  • The 3‑Step Planning Process Checklist
  • The 4 Levels of Virtual Event Experiences
  • 10 Mistakes that Will Derail Your Virtual Event

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