Iowa Physical Therapy Association - Demonstrating Value Through Web Design

One of the most common problems for membership-based associations is demonstrating value to members. This was the case for the Iowa Physical Therapy Association (IPTA) who approached us to redesign their website in order to attract new members and re-engage existing ones. See how we did just that by helping the association better demonstrate their value through strategic web design.

We recently had the opportunity to build a new website for the IPTA, with the goal of helping the association better communicate their value — an extremely common problem had by many membership-based associations. 

We kicked off the process by having in-person meetings with the team from Capture Marketing to discuss the IPTA’s values, strengths and vision. One of the IPTA’s main objectives was to attract new members and re-engage existing ones. To do this, we incorporated many new features to the site, such as a clean and organized design, as well as a clear message statement that greets members when they first visit the site.

In addition, we made the website fully optimized for mobile and implemented video to create a more dynamic interface that would drive site traffic. In fact, research shows that, on average, video attracts two to three times as many monthly visitors and doubles the amount of time users spend on a website.

It’s important for associations to provide value to members, and an association’s web presence plays a crucial role in not only demonstrating that value, but also establishing first impressions with potential members. 






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