Video & Animation

We bring stories to life.

With years of experience (over twenty) and a history of firsts in the Midwest industry, we are known for reaching for the edge. But let’s be clear: We’re not old-school. Every project is the product of many creative minds bringing fresh ideas and approaches, creating a unique thumbprint for every brand. At every step, we are looking for ways to elevate the project and make you go “Wow.”

Applied Art Multiscreen
Full Service


We insist on using the best tools on the market. Our RED camera and glass craft cinema-grade footage for the highest quality image.


When it’s time to transform footage, we are ready with both Avid and Final Cut Pro and full-scale visual effects.

Animation & Graphics

We can illustrate ideas and decipher what you want, even if you don’t know how to describe it. With 2D and 3D graphics, we make it possible to see the unseeable.

Digital Platforms

  • 2D/3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Visual FX
  • Color Grading
  • Transcription Services

Creative Collaboration

Our team can take a project at any stage - whether it’s a script, an idea, or nothing at all, and finish the project for the better. We can concept it, then organize the shoot, recruit the talent, light it, direct it, edit it, and do the graphics - all in house.

Brand Visualization

We start by looking at a project holistically, making a palette for the creative elements - the concept, music, color grading, graphics, and edit. Then we make it better. We focus on keeping the story alive and always relating back to the core brand and mission. 


Working together with our clients is essential to what we do. We start by listening and continue the conversation throughout the entire process. It’s important to us to give immediate feedback and be flexible as projects develop.


Our 3,000 square foot soundstage features extensive soundproofing and a versatile slate to create whatever you need for a shoot.


We have nearly every light under the sun, including the sun. We also have a lot of different ways to make a camera move, like dollies, tracks, and gimbals.

Edit Suites

With three fully-equipped suites, we can accommodate on-site or remote edits.

Next Up:

Web & Mobile

We make the web a better place across devices.