February 18 2010 // Work

Applied Art Edits and Animates Purina Mills Video

Our old friend Joe Pundzak joined us again to create a follow up to last year€۪s Lightning Horse project for Purina Mills. This time Joe€۪s excellent writing was brought to life by three of our artists, Steve Dixon, Scott Kaven and Todd Huffine . This team created stunning 2D and 3D animations that were expertly edited by Chris Heckle to create an introductory video to Purina€۪s latest horse feed products.

Mr. Pundzak said of his experience, "After over 30 years as a writer/producer, I've had occasion to work with some highly talented individuals and yet, I've never experienced the pure joy of creative collaboration more so than while working together with my creative team at Applied Art & Technology. Not only do we produce super stuff, we have fun doing it!"

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Todd Huffine

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