Applied Art Goes Retro — Authenticity Is In!

April 1, 2016

Instagram, vinyl enthusiasts, the DIY-maker crowd. Retro is in. 

And as a creative studio, we here at Applied Art strive to stay on the cutting edge both artistically and techno­log­ically. We push ourselves to create content for our clients that goes beyond trendy. And that means we’re making a big change to our camera lineup.

In addition to shooting your HD footage at 6K, we’re now offering VHS video capture. No more fixing it in post with expensive drag-and-drop plugins. We’ll give your footage that retro look from the start. Our new” RCA CC4392 Camcorder features a 3‑inch LCD ColorView™ Screen, perfect for peering over your cinematographer’s shoulder. It shoots in SP, LP or EP*, and with a one hour battery life, you won’t have to suffer any more long shoot days!

Authenticity is key in today’s creative world. Don’t fake retro. Be retro.

**if you have any old boxes of vhs tapes in your basement or garage, we could use a little inventory. Our media supplier hung up on us for some reason.