August 12 2010 // Work

Applied Artisans Participate in 48 Hour Film Project

For the fifth year, a small team of filmmakers, including two Applied Artisans, some clients, spouses and freelancers spent a sleep deprived weekend participating in the 48 Hour Film Project. Their goal? To write, shoot, edit and score a seven minute film in only 48 hours. Team A Sense of Urgency, along with 48 other teams, was assigned a prop, character, line of dialog and genre that had to be incorporated into their film.

The variables:
Character €€€ Carl or Carla Ross, plumber
Prop €€€ coins
Line of dialogue €€€ €€€Who came up with that?€۝
Genre - comedy

The local contingent of Team A Sense of Urgency consists of Courtnee Carstens & Michael Rossow of Applied Art, as well as Chad Baker of the Meyocks Group, and freelancers, Carol Baty among others. The team produced a comedy centered in the highly competitive world of rock, paper, scissors. Take a look!

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Heather Creswell

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