Four Video Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

May 16, 2018
Four Video Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

Fads and trends. Both are current. Both are popular. But one fades fast, while the other grows and evolves. Fads from the past are fun to look back at…and maybe point and laugh at. Furbies, mall bangs, and mood rings had their heyday, but thankfully, they’ve come and gone. When it comes to marketing, it’s important to differ­entiate between trends and fads to ensure you don’t sink your campaign before you even get started.

So, what are some current video trends you should care about? The answer is not simply more social media’ or more video.’ Understanding how your viewers absorb and engage with a video is vital. Targeting is the key factor when it comes to getting the most out of your ad spend. 


Here’s a bold statement: Pre-roll video is the most underrated form of video marketing in 2018. Many companies pass on it completely. Others don’t understand how to use the powerful targeting tools pre-roll provides. And that’s the value of pre-roll…the ability to reach a very specific audience through strategic targeting. Whether it be age, geography or interest, the ability to zone in on the right audience is second to none.

In addition, Facebook rolled out their Watch’ feature in 2017, starting a shift to more long-form viewership. Expect to see full-length shows, mini-series, and content curators flocking to Facebook as a distri­bution channel, thus opening the pre-roll floodgates on the platform. 

Whether Facebook, YouTube, or another platform, it’s time to start using pre-roll and leveraging the laser-focused targeting many have turned a blind eye to.

Explainer Animations

If your business needs to work on its elevator speech or you have a hard time explaining what you do for a living to friends and family; this is your answer.

Explainers use animation to, well, explain things. Things like complex ideas, processes or more abstract product or service offerings. They simplify information making it easier for a viewer to follow along and understand. 

Insurance carrier with clients scratching their heads? Explainer animation. 

Financial advisor needing to keep customers engaged in meetings? Explainer animation.

Hiring manager explaining a complex process to a group of new recruits? Yeah, you guessed it. Explainer animation. 

Keep them educated, engaged, and AWAKE with this great video marketing trend. 


Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality technology continues to advance, and the application of the tech goes beyond the gaming industry. Uses of VR include: trade show booths, virtual tours of off-site locations, graphic renderings of 3D models, and so much more.

Museums offer online virtual tours, opening their doors to people who would not otherwise be able to visit. Exhibitors can showcase massive equipment at trade shows from a tiny booth. Architects can share their blueprints with real estate developers before breaking ground. And energy companies can transport their shareholders to hard to reach sites, like the top of a wind turbine. (yeah, we’ve done that.) 

The opportu­nities are endless with this technology and once people get the goggles on, they’re amazed at the places they can go. 


Employee Recruitment Videos

Unemployment rates are lower than average, making it harder for employers to attract and retain top talent. A big trend we see is using video as a recruiting tool. Put yourself in the recruit’s shoes. How can you showcase what it feels like to work at your business?

Studies show that millennials value corporate culture above all else, so instead of providing a list of benefits, take this chance to show interested prospects why they should work for your company. Include day to day atmosphere, team building activities, and fun things done outside of the office. Showing more and telling less should help you stand out and drive more qualified applicants to job boards. 



Video, social media, and digital marketing are not going away anytime soon and the way people interact with these mediums is constantly evolving and changing.

Depending on the color of your mood ring, you may be ready to reconsider your strategy. If that is the case, hop on your Segway and cruise over to our office for a chat. We would love to talk shop! 

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