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Get to know Caitlin

Get to know Caitlin

Caitlin McTaggart, our outstanding, extremely positive project coordinator and office manager, is celebrating her 5th anniversary with Applied Art this week. She greets our clients, responds to support tickets, and keeps our caffeine and sugar dependencies satisfied.

Get to know Caitlin better:

What’s your most memorable moment at Applied Art?
Probably the 80/35 commercial during my 1st year here. Liv got to be in it with me - every now and then we still talk about 'the time she was on TV'. She was two - It was a pretty big deal.

What do you do outside of work?
Hang out with my family, my husband Jordan and our six year old daughter. Have long conversations with my dog, Oscar. Paint and craft as much as possible.

What’s something most of us might not know about you?
I know every song and line from Hamilton. Just waiting for my Broadway callback!

What is your FAVORITE Pinterest project you’ve worked on?
I made a set of Where the Wild Things Are paper masks that have been shared 350+, so.... I'm practically a Pinterest Celebrity.

We’re pretty fond of Caitlin ‘round these parts. Here’s why...

What is the best part of working with Caitlin?

"Her creativity."

“Her positive attitude is tremendous. Always refreshing to talk to her.”

What does Caitlin bring to Applied Art?

“A young and creative perspective, communication skills when working with our clients, and the ability to take any piece of paper/cardboard and make something pretty!”

“If you need an extra hand she has one in her filing cabinet.”

What is a memorable moment/story you have about Caitlin?

“Her reaction when she realized she has actually worked here 5 years instead of 4!"

"Mondays at around 10:30 AM when she asks if it is Friday yet."

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