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Hollywood Undead "We Are" Directors Cut

Check out this exclusive Revolver Magazine premiere of Hollywood Undead's "We Are" music video, complete with commentary by the director, Slipknot's Shawn "Clown" Crahan. This is the official director's cut version of the music video with Clown's interview shot here in HD in the Applied Art & Technology studio.

The music video was directed by Clown and shot on location in LA. Both the director's cut of the music video as well as the commentary version seen here were edited on at Applied Art.

Revolver Magazine exclusive

Applied Art's Stephen "Sparky" Dixon and Chris "Sensi" Heckle were also responsible for compositing and tracking video images on the TV screens that were destroyed during the shoot. Due to several possible fire hazards in production, the TV's could not be operating during their demise, so we "fixed it in post" at the last minute. The director's and commentary versions of the music video were produced and edited here at Applied Art & Technology by Neil Zaugg. These productions utilized our 24 TeraByte block of fiber optically shared storage, which allows us to work faster by simultaneously connecting our AVID and graphics suites.

A&M/Octone Records in New York City (they also broke Maroon 5) recently released the music video and new album by Hollywood Undead "Notes from the Underground". It hit # 1 on the first day! An interactive behind the scenes video is also about to be released. Stay tuned!

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