New TV Spot for Greater Iowa Credit Union

July 3, 2013

With so many banking options, how does a bank or credit union cut through all the noise and attract new customers? Banks and credit unions are competing for the vast Millennial market-- those born between 1982 to 1994. According to the US Census, there are three times as many Millennials as there are Gen Xers. The Millennial generation are devoted to digital devices, mobile apps and digital identity, so a bank needs to have online and mobile apps that work with ease. Millennials also value shopping locally and green business practices, which fits right in with paperless online banking.


Applied Art's Heather Creswell and Director George Christ worked with Michael Adams and Morgan Voga at Greater Iowa Credit Union to develop ideas for their new TV commercial introducing audiences to their mobile banking options. The imagery of the spot and uncomplicated music bed reinforces the message that the mobile banking options are easy to use on the go. Scenes for the spot were shot at locally owned businesses in Des Moines' East village, including Hoq restaurant and Eden.


Michael Adams, Vice President of Marketing at Greater Iowa, says "George's camera work, his eye, his composition, his visual choices, were wonderful. Heather's choices as a producer, including the music selection, the locations, and the extras were spot on. All in all I'm very pleased. It is always a pleasure working with such a professional and creative group of people."

The spot is airing in central Iowa and we look forward to analyzing how it impacts the number of new members at Greater Iowa.