What do Strong Babies, UnderArmour, and a Clio have in common?

August 9, 2016
What do Strong Babies, UnderArmour, and a Clio have in common?

Applied Art & Technology is excited to announce that Eric Sahrmann has joined our team as Creative Director.

Eric is an industry-recognized creative, with awards that include a Clio Award for his Strong Babies” campaign and a Graphis Platinum Award for his work with the Saratoga Shakespeare Company. 

He relocated from Chicago where he was a director of photography and creative director in the visual effects industry, working with interna­tional brands such as Under Armour and Bose. 

Eric’s portfolio says everything about why we hired him,” says George Christ, co-founder and partner at Applied Art & Technology. He’s committed to finding the big idea, then equally committed to executing on the details to make it happen.” 

Eric joins our team as we continually push creative boundaries in marketing and advertising. As our clients’ needs change, we’re expanding both our technical capabilities and the creative force needed to create a bigger impact,” says Christ.

The opportunity to relocate to Des Moines came at the right time for my family and me,” says Sahrmann. I was looking to raise my children in Iowa and am excited to find a match with a studio that’s equally passionate about driving creative for results.” 

To take a look at Eric’s portfolio, visit http://​www​.appliedart​.com/eric. Or drop him a message at esahrmann@​appliedart.​com