April 1 2021 // Company

SnapCat: The Human Filter for Cats

Give your feline friend a purr-fect human appearance!

Last year, cat filters made us all "paws" for a laugh, but left our feline friends feeling left out.


Noticing the long faces on our long-tailed companions, we at Applied Art & Technology went to work developing an app filter specifically designed for cats: SnapCat.


Using the latest fur-dimensional technology, SnapCat tracks your cat's cranial movements to overlay your own face on top of theirs, giving your whiskered workmate a purr-fect human appearance.


Best of all, our patent-pending technology even translates your cat's purrs into English! 


Don't believe us? Watch the video above to learn more about SnapCat and start living your best (nine) lives today!


*Cat sold separately. Offer not available in New Hampshire.


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Clinton Olsasky

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