3 Reasons to Use a Drone

October 6, 2015
3 Reasons to Use a Drone

We’ve all seen awesome towering high shots and adrenaline packed extreme sports footage captured by drones. People are captivated by looking at the world from a new perspective.

Here are 3 ways drone footage can fascinate and hold your audience’s attention.

  1. Capture a Unique Perspective. People are drawn to the new” and unique. There is no better way to turn heads and draw attention then to show video footage from a different or rarely seen perspective. Low level drone flights can follow subjects from place to place, can zoom up and out, and skim across land just a few feet off the ground. Here is an example of some dramatic fall harvest footage.

  2. People are Captivated by Flight. Since the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated by flight and the idea of seeing the world from a whole different angle. With the beautiful and picturesque scenes provided by a drone, audiences become completely immersed in the story you’re telling, thank’s to the bird’s‑eye view.

  3. You Stand Out. Utilizing aerial cinematography in advertising and marketing provides a special and colorful tapestry that draws viewers into the story you’re telling. In the world of content overload and stock footage, aerial shots provide a new way to highlight almost any subject. Our wind turbine video received over 10 million views.

Bottom line, aerial camera drones can create dramatic and compelling footage that captures the attention and imagination of almost any audience. They stand out in the crowd and are a great way to help tell stories that will captivate, hold attention and and give your audience something to remember.