How Do You Survive 30 Years?

August 11, 2023 | Applied Art & Technology Celebrates 30th Anniversary

How do you survive, let alone thrive, in a constantly evolving industry?

Easy. You evolve along with it — and, in many cases, before it.

That forward-thinking mindset has been our guiding light here at Applied Art & Technology and is the primary reason we get to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year!

It’s All in a Name

Ever since we first opened our doors back in 1993, we have viewed technology differently, seeing it as a tool that artists could transform into a powerful storytelling medium. The mid-90s also coincided with the burgeoning early days of the Internet, which presented vast creative potential that few others recognized at the time.

Our question, then, became: how do we use this technology in a creative and artful way? This was our basis for founding the company — to combine art and technology to help businesses make an impact. Naturally, our name soon followed.

Across the ensuing three decades, we have witnessed — and predicted — countless major techno­logical milestones. From the first high-definition video and online nonlinear editing to 3D animation and virtual reality, we have always been on the bleeding edge of the latest innovations in the industry.

But more than that, we’ve been able to look beyond the technology itself to see how it can best be used — applied,” if you will — to help businesses and people connect in new and exciting ways. 

Perhaps that’s why we haven’t pigeonholed ourselves into one technology. We proudly house a multidis­ci­plinary creative team that spans video, animation, web, interactive applications, live and hybrid events and virtual reality. For us, the techno­logical medium we use can — and should — be fluid. It’s our strategic out-of-the-box thinking that elevates these tools to something more — to a means for creativity and problem solving.

Always Be Curious

Through it all, you could summarize our company motto in three words: always be curious.”

Our curiosity has propelled us to think farther out of the box and develop creative solutions that stand the test of time.

Because 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of our founding as a company, we thought there’d be no better way to celebrate such a milestone than to look back at some of the times we’ve looked forward.

So, starting this month and lasting through the end of the year, we’ll be sharing reminis­cences, behind-the-scenes stories and other crazy adventures on social media. Look out for the #AppliedArt30 hashtag and feel free to share some of your own favorite Applied Art memories!