It's Harvest Time

September 24, 2015


Fall. Cooler temper­atures, pumpkin spice everything and bountiful fields buzzing with sounds of combines…and an Applied Art & Technology crew, shooting spectacular footage of farms, fields, crops and equipment. 

How often do you say to yourself (or your editor), this piece could really use some dramatic, harvest shots!”? Well, the moment has arrived. There’s a narrow window of time right now and we want to join you on site to capture beautiful, dramatic footage of harvest to be used for your projects throughout the year. 


Inspire 1 drone positioning for another pass.


This is also the perfect opportunity to update your aging harvest footage. Whether we’re on the ground with our RED camera or flying overhead with our new Inspire 1 Drone, capturing the grandeur of the agricultural landscape at 4K gives you more flexibility than ever before! Fix it in post? Sure, why not…is something you rarely hear an editor say. But with 4K, we have the ability to zoom in on different areas of a shot without losing any resolution. In essence, you’re getting several shots for the price of one! Plus, the high resolution of 4K allows you to pull still frames that work perfectly for web and print use. And with the cost of 4K displays dropping, it’s only a matter of time until we’re viewing all of our media at 4K. It just makes sense to start future-proofing your footage now. 

Don’t even get us started on how many different places we can mount a GoPro camera. Our shooters thoroughly enjoy the challenge of finding new nooks and crannies to stash tiny cameras to bring a whole new perspective on your ag footage. 

With the weather is getting crisp and the days are getting shorter, the window to shoot is slim. The time to get that beautifully amazing Fall Harvest footage is Now! 


Call Chris at 5153347400 to book your shoot days, but hurry — the calendar is filling up!