Mapping A NetworkNWCDN Animation

NWCDN Device Screenshots

Project Background

NWCDN, the National Workers' Compensation Defense Network, is a network of law firms that have been vetted to work on workers’ compensation cases. NWCDN approached us about crafting a video and a website to explain who they are.


They wanted the tone of the video to be upbeat and modern. It was to be shown on a loop in their trade show booth, so it wouldn't have a voice over—with the already noisy environment at trade shows, it’s best to avoid adding to the clutter. A music track was used to help set the pace, but in the trade show environment they have the option to mute the audio and still get their message across visually.

Designing the Experience

We started with the idea of doing a typographical treatment for the NWCDN video. Next we created a script so we would have an idea of how much text would need to be on screen. We then provided music options, and once we had the script finalized and music picked, our animator went to work on the video.

Standing Ovation

People in the legal field would not be starting from scratch to understand what the NWCDN does, but there was still a concern that the video may be a little… dry. It’s human nature to read text on screen (ever watched a subtitled movie and realized you can’t describe what the main characters look like?). By using a typographical treatment, the viewer is drawn in to read the information. And by keeping the pace quick and using a professional, modern look, we were able to tell the audience about the NWCDN in an engaging way.

The video was used in a trade show environment. The eye catching nature of the video helped draw in attendees to pause and learn more about NWCDN. Attendees were able to learn about the organization without having to talk to a booth representative. This, in turn, freed up the representative to have more in depth conversations with attendees looking for further information.

Feedback from client: “Holy smokes . . . very, very well done. Really impressive work! At the trade show we played the video before each speaker and the audience applauded at the end of the video!”