Deliver the Dairy

Arla Foods Device Screenshots

Project Background

Arla Foods is a Danish dairy company that provides milk, formula, and other dairy products to markets around the world. We have built two medical eDetailing apps with Arla. We were first approached about creating a tool for their medical representatives in Central America. Then we were asked to build a second one - this one for use in Chinese grocery stores.

UI/UX Strategy

Our objective was to concept, design, build, and distribute an iPad app to help explain key Arla products, as well as the Arla brand. The tools needed to be able to work offline, as some of the regions would be without wireless Internet access. Arla brought extensive knowledge of their products and two communication challenges. One needed to be bilingual with the ability to toggle between languages, and the other would be in Mandarin only. The tool needed to be easy and intuitive to navigate, yet rich in the crucial content needed to illustrate key details. Such content included research articles, products data, scientific data, nutrition information, and background about the Arla company. We set to work creating solutions.

Designing the Experience

We started both projects with wireframes, finding functional homes for all the content that would live there. This step included mapping out all the content to be produced, matching the best medium for each need. Research articles would be PDFs. The product information would be animated videos, coupled with static graphics for specific data from each video. Nutrition information would be part of a rotating can animation. In the UX/UI puzzle, we fit together all the pieces. Then we set about concepting a look and feel that would be clean and professional, yet warm.


In production, many areas of Applied Art came alive to contribute. Animators, graphic artists, editors, content specialists, and interactive developers all played a part in bringing the vision to life. To be sure the app could function offline, we housed all the content within the app, including the videos. That way, everything would be self-contained for use in the field. To create multi-lingual content, we started with English scripts and translated them to Spanish and Mandarin. Throughout the process, we collaborated with stakeholders in the US, as well as in Central America, China and Denmark, making this a truly international development process.

Results + Outcomes

We successfully published and distributed both eDetailing apps - one to medical representatives in Central America and one to supermarket representatives in China.