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Project Background

DisplayWorks was looking for a partner for their client Makino to showcase their five axis milling machines that were too large to bring to the largest convention center in the US and one of the largest in the world. This is just the sort of challenge we love.


One of the key objectives was to show the machines doing live cutting demonstrations, while allowing attendees to interact with the product specialist. This enabled attendees to get more product information, specifications, request special milling operations, discuss tooling, etc. Ultimately, the goal was to get attendees to consider Makino for their milling operations, to generate leads for sales team followup, as to get commitments for meetings at Makino's facilities.

Designing the Experience

Makino Tradeshow

To bring the machines to the trade show floor without moving them, we proposed a real time, two-way HD transmission with a product specialist at Makino’s facility and a presenter in the booth at the trade show. We designed a system using multiple cameras (both operated and remote controlled), including cameras in the machine, to be able to show all the features and speed of the machines as well as the live milling, with a focus on the quality of the milling. We integrated a full production studio within Makino’s fully functioning integration bay, as well as production capabilities in the trade show booth.


Makino Tradeshow

During the trade show, we produced over 25 live presentations, allowing attendees to watch and interact in real time with the product specialist and operators to view specific milling processes on materials from aluminum, to high carbon steel to titanium.

Results + Outcomes

Makino Tradeshow

The exhibit created great show floor buzz and excitement and generated high quality leads and meetings. For example, we had a demonstration on day two of the tradeshow that impressed a group from a potential company. Consequently, they scheduled an onsite demonstration at the Makino facility two days later. At the completion of that demonstration, they committed to the purchase of at least two machines.