Capturing QuesterQuester Corporate Animation

Quester Device Screenshots

Project Background

“We are having a hard time explaining to people what we do and how we are different,” Garrett McGuire said. We love it when we hear something like this because we know we can help.


Garrett went on to explain that Quester is a market research firm. It differs from the typical research firm in that they have a team of linguists and computer scientists who have developed sophisticated artificial intelligence that revolutionizes the way that market research can be conducted. They want something for their website that would tell their story.

Designing the Experience

There were a lot of points to communicate. The audience was defined as primarily researchers. We had to quickly engage them and hold them long enough to communicate Quester’s message. We knew an animation would be just the tool. It would work on their website and could also be used for presentations, meetings and, with some modification, at tradeshows.

We came up with a basic outline of the message points based on our conversations with Quester. Garrett then took those points and developed them into a very direct “in-your-face” messaging that would get people thinking.


We brought in our animators and they started to work sketching out a storyboard and working out the overall design style that would follow Quester's branding and integrate well with their existing website. We produced an audio track and added some fun music. One thing we did to enhance the attitude of the message and create sense of urgency was to speed the audio track up 12%. There is some research that indicates an accelerated audio track can enhance attention and improve comprehension. 

Results + Outcomes

"With the work provided by the team at Applied Art, we’ve been able to establish Quester’s brand presence by quickly and clearly articulating the difference we’re making in our industry. Our vision for how we talk about Quester was materialized in this video and we’re beyond grateful for that. Thanks for the great work!"

Garrett McGuire